School of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering

Bachelor Electrical Engineering (B.Sc.)

Without modern technology German industry is unable to compete internationally. Presently decisive technological developments take place especially in the area of electrical engineering. The extensive application of micro electronics and computer technology in automatisation, information technology and electrical energy engineering strongly influences both the working environment and the private life of every individual. It is the task of the engineer to master these developments, to manage them and to refine them. Today our society additionally demands from engineers not only to solve technical problems but also to consider the consequences for men and environment.

The basic aim of engineering to solve existing problems by the economic use of modern scientific and technological means remains valid also for the future. For this purpose engineers need to have competence in the relevant scientific and technological fields. But they also require the capability of judging the economic and social effects of their action. Furthermore they have to document the results of their work, to exchange information with other disciplines and to present the approach chosen to be correct in a convincing way.


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