School of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering

High-frequency circuits are used in automotive applications. These include long-range radar (LRR) systems such as distance control systems at 77 GHz, short-range radar systems (SRR) such as collision early warning systems at 77-81 GHz, and road condition detection systems, which increase road safety (see adjacent figure).

These developments are only made possible by research in the so-called terahertz range.

Another component of driver assistance systems are camera systems. Some research activities are in direct contact with industry, e.g. with the company Delphi in Wuppertal. Some examples are given below (please click on the respective picture to enlarge):

Road simulators can be used to instruct drivers in driving special vehicles and to investigate the driving behaviour of people in different situations. A further point is the detection of theoretical limits of driving assistance systems.

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