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THz research association at the University of Wuppertal

The Terahertz science at the BUW is located in the profile core "Materials.Inspire.Systems" and is supported by an interdisciplinary Center for Smart Materials & Systems (short: CM@S). The CM@S bridges from basic materials research to THz and sensor technology and has developed into a visible strength of the BUW in the last ten years. This is supported, by the extraordinarily successful acquisition of third-party funds, the expansion of the infrastructure and prestigious awards, with one of the highly endowed Advanced Grants by the ERC for THz research.

Terahertz (THz) is a unit of measurement for frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum. One terahertz is equal to one trillion (1012) hertz. It lies in the frequency range between gigahertz (GHz) and infrared radiation. The terahertz spectrum typically ranges from about 0.3 terahertz to about 10 terahertz.

Terahertz radiation has several applications in science and technology, including:

  1. Spectroscopy: Terahertz spectroscopy allows the study of the interaction of terahertz radiation with matter. This technique is used in chemistry, materials science, and biology to obtain information about the structure and composition of molecules.

  2. Imaging: Terahertz radiation can be used for non-invasive imaging of materials and biological tissue. It penetrates many materials, making it attractive for security inspections and medical applications.

  3. Communications: terahertz frequencies could be used in wireless communications in the future, as they could provide greater bandwidth and higher data rates than current wireless technologies.

  4. Security: terahertz scanners are used in some security applications to detect weapons or dangerous items worn under clothing.

However, terahertz radiation also presents challenges, such as absorption by humidity and short range, which may limit its use in some cases. Nevertheless, terahertz offers great potential for various applications in science and technology due to its unique properties.

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