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Math Workshop

The Math Workshop is a concept developed by the QPL project (Qualitäts-Pakt-Lehre) to help students in the introductory phase of their studies who have problems with mathematical content.

Experienced tutors can be consulted on site during the opening hours of the Math Workshop at any time regarding

  • lecture content,
  • exercise sheets,
  • exam preparation and
  • other mathematical questions.

Furthermore, the Math Workshop can also be used as a study room.

Math Workshop Freudenberg

Since the summer semester of 2021, there is also a math workshop at the Freudenberg Campus! Predominantly, this workshop is used by students who listen to mathematics A and B. However, mathematical questions from other lectures can also be posed, such as from electrical engineering, mathematics for DMT, computer science, etc.

Where are we?
Building FC, E.01.
Opening hours and further information can be found on our Moodle page (Course: Mathewerkstatt Freudenberg (

Math Center (MatZe)

The Freudenberg Math Workshop is offered by the MatZe. There are also the Grifflenberg and Haspel math workshops and the didactics workshop.
We also offer additional learning and teaching opportunities.
You can find them here: Course: MatZes Workshops & Offers (

For further questions please contact Jens Wintermayr.

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