School of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering

Master Industrial Electrical Engineering

The Master's program in Industrial Electrical Engineering is meant to enable students, to process complex energy engineering related problems, taking into account technical and economic marginal conditions and constraints. Students are trained as generalists with broad knowledge in technology and economics.

This approach includes the challeng to not only aquire solutions to technical and financial problems, but to also consider their consequences for humans and the environment. To solve given problems rationally using modern scientific and technical means is the general objective of engineering work. It is still valid for the future, however, using an extended set of instruments.

For this purpose, industrial engineers need to have knowledge of the relevant technologic and economic fields of expertise. However, they also need the ability to assess the sociatal impact of their actions. Eventually, they need to document their work, exchange information with scientists from other subject areas, and convincingly present the approach recognized as the correct one.

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