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    Für ihre hervorragenden Abschlussarbeiten ehrte der VDE Bezirksvereins Bergisch Land e.V. erneut... [more]
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Freshmen Introduction

Dear first semester students,

Welcome to the School of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering at the University of Wuppertal.

We are pleased that you have chosen a course of study at our faculty and wish you a good start to your new and hopefully exciting phase of life. In order to make this start easier for you, we offer numerous information possibilities. We have also already taken care of your first timetable. Please be sure to take part in the programme items of the introductory week.

We will see you on Wednesday, 10.10.2018 at the welcome event of the School of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering in the lecture hall FZH1 on Campus Freudenberg from 10:00 to 12:00 o'clock.

Once again, a warm welcome.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anton Kummert

Dean of the School of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering


Preliminary programme of first semester introduction

Site plans of the university

VRR timetable information: Connections to Campus Freudenberg



Exemplary imetables:


Electrical Engineering / Information Technology / Industrial Engineering