School of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering

The Mentoring Programme

Within the mentoring programme newly enrolled students get a contact person (mentor) among the professors of faculty 6, who supports them both in word and deed. The purpose is to facilitate the start for them and to ensure guidance and assistance during the first semesters.

During the first semester the mentors invite the students assigned to them to a first consultation by letter and/or email. (Upon enrolment every student receives an email account with the address 'student registration number [at]'. There will be further meetings of the mentoring group until the end of the second semester. These meetings offer the opportunity to ask questions, point out problems and discuss difficulties in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, the mentors are also available to their students for individual consultations.

Taking part in the mentoring programme during the first and second semester is compulsory. When registering for the Bachelor examination students have to present a certificate about their participation in the mentoring programme.

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