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  • Forschungsprojekt „TALAKO“ entwickelt Ladesystem für E-Taxis
    Dicke Luft in vielen Städten – dazu tragen auch die Dieselabgase von Taxis bei. Lösungen aus dem... [more]
  • Prozess-Analytic Award 2019
    Herrn Martin Gluch, Absolvent des Masters Elektrotechnik, wurde für seine Abschlussarbeit der... [more]
  • „Energiewende made in Wuppertal“ – Förderung für vier Klimaschutzprojekte
    Mit gleich vier Projekten zum Klimaschutz überzeugte der Lehrstuhl für Elektrische... [more]
  • Kick-off für „Bergisch.Smart.Mobility"
    Minister Pinkwart überreicht Zuwendungsbescheide [more]
  • Meilenstein auf dem Weg zum Smart-Trolleybus-System
    Die Tage der Dieselbusse auf der Solinger Buslinie 695 sind gezählt. [more]
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The cafeteria on Campus Freudenberg does not only attract students of Faculty 6, but also attendants of courses in the new lecture hall centre and events in the university guesthouse.

The former NCO fair has been transformed into an architecturally attractive restaurant with modern free-flow service, tasty hot and cold dishes and a large terrace to the south-west.

Visitors can have breakfast from 9:45 am onwards, lunch is served from 11:30 am to 1:45 pm. You can choose between two hot meals daily. Coffee, cake, cold drinks, dairy products and sweets are also offered.

Are you hungry, now? Here is this week's menu.

The menus for other locations can be selected using the tabs at the top of the page.


There is an Internet-Café in the cafeteria building on Campus Freudenberg as well. It can be used free of charge by all students.

Link to ZIM (Centre for Information and Media Processing)